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  Welcome to Ray of Hope International Church


  Ray Of Hope International Ministry has been established as the response to the call from God to plant and organize the churches among the nations. Despite of Matthew 28:18-20 being a general and ultimate commission Lord Jesus at His very last moment of the earthly Ministry commisioned to the Churches, ROHI takes it too exclusively.


  Reach, win, equip, and send are the objectives and mission in short for ROHI, it aims at planting and organizing the churches among the nations and bring the Churches with of the like vision in partnership to achieve this common goal in USA, Canada and around the world that God will lead and open the doors for us, ROHI has the strong conviction that Gospel is the only Ray of Hope to the nations and the solution to their physical and spritual problems.


  Therefore, all the efforts that ROHI does through prayer, worship, fasting, traning, counciling and evangelization is the step of faith aiming and believing the transformation into Christlikeness by the Holy Sprit in the lives of believers. ROHI works through kingdom culture to gloryfy the God alone for His Kingdom establishment. You can pray, partner or support to bring His kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.



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  Father Ministry


  Father's ministry is held at 6857 Spring House Ln, Columbus, OH 43229 on Wednesday 10AM. We will be glad to see you!























  Nepali Language Class


  Since we have been resettle in United States from Nepal, we have our native language Neplai. We love to praise our Lord in our native language and we also expect our next generation will do the same. We all know the importance of native language, arts and literature. Thus, it is one of our obligations to teach our off springs on regard to this significant area for its promotion and preservation.


  Well, knowing the importance of imparting Nepali language and literature to our youth and children, basically we felt this as mandatory action to be taken promptly. It is better if we begin now, rather than to regret for this day down the road. So taking everything into account we encourage everybody to reach Nepali language classes on Saturday in our church. Anyone who is interested welcome.














  Music Class


  Music Class is held at 6857 Spring House Ln, Columbus, OH 43229 on Saturday 5PM. We will be glad to see you!