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  Our History


  The splendour and beauty of the creation proves God as its wonderful designer and creator. The beautiful part is that, this powerful God has dream, vision and plan for each and every mankind. He created mankind in His own image and likeness. Although He is all powerful, He did not create each one of us randomly instead he took time in creating us all uniquely and wonderfully. That is why: God said to Jeremiah that before he was conceived in the womb of his mother, He knew him and appointed him as prophet to the nations. Logically thinking, how is this even possible to know someone when there is no trace of that person? Where was Jeremiah and how God knew and appointed him as prophet when he was not even in the womb of his mother? But for God everything is possible. Ps 139:16 clearly proves it.


  Pslam 139:16 says: Your eyes saw my unformed body; All the days ordained for me were written in your book Before one of them came to be.


  Pastor Kharka Gajmer was born and bought up in a Hindu family who never knew about the plan and love of God. Hence he was a blasphemer, idol worshipper and sinner in this world. But God in His mercy revealed him his love and plan for him on year 1999 September. On 2009 he was ordained as a pastor under Ray of Hope Ministry.


  He spent almost 20 years in a refugee camp as a refugee. God brought him in United States on 2011 at Atlanta, GA so he started doing service in his house with couple brothers. Day by day God has bless him with few new families who received the Lord as their Personal Saviour. On 2014 they have been successfully register church as a non profit organisation with secretary state of GA. It was almost 100 members in the church at that time. Church prayed, and God showed them to move to Columbus, OH where thousands of people are death in spirit. They prayed and planed to moved OH all together and finally all church memebers came to decision to move to Columbus, OH. Very first brother Mangal Rai and brother Yogen Sarki came to Columbus, OH by authority of pastor Kharka to start church at Columbus, OH and these two brothers started to do fellowship in apartment. Few months after this all the people from GA has moved to Columbus, OH and also God has blessed us with more precious souls to work in His Kingdom. On September 10th pastor Peter Rai from VA came to help us to do paper works and to register church with Secretary state of OH. On September 11th 2015 we are successfully able to register church at OH state. On Feburary 2017 we successfuly got a statues of 5(0)1c3. Now we are almost 250 members and 40 families in our church.


  He is worthy. Worthy to be honoured, praised, adored, loved and worship by all tribes and tongues. All glory and praise to HIM alone and alone. Amen. 




Bible Verse For You!

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. (Mt.10:16)